Core Value Spotlight: Humility

Posted by Enlivant support center on September 30, 2022

Enriching the lives of our residents and our employees is at the heart of everything we do – and that comes to life through our core values of Compassion, Humility, Inclusion, Excellence, and Fun.

At Enlivant, our core value of Humility strengthens us. We all play a vital role in delivering exceptional care. We know that by pulling together for the greater good of our residents, we create a community centered on selfless service and rooted in trust.

This month, we’re highlighting employees who exemplify Humility by going above and beyond and focusing on other people’s needs in every interaction. They make a difference in the lives of the residents they serve and the teammates they support, and we’re so grateful for their meaningful contributions at our communities.

Read on to learn more and celebrate our fantastic employees!

Hooi Chin "Jenny" Lee-Hullett - Chef, Emporia Place, Kansas

In her 4 years as a Chef at Emporia Place in Emporia, Kansas, Jenny shows humility by putting the needs of her residents first and preparing all their meals with love. 

“What she can do for others, that’s what brings out the best in her,” says Lisa Johnson, Executive Director at Emporia Place.

Jenny knows how important it is to show her appreciation for her team. She’ll go out of her way to help her team, by changing her schedule to accommodate their needs and providing transportation for a coworker who was having car troubles. 

Jenny strives to be kinder and more compassionate for her residents and coworkers. “Jenny doesn’t help others for the recognition,” says Lisa. “It’s truly the person she is.”

Kayonna Newton - Administrative Coordinator, Cypress Place, South Carolina

During Kayonna’s 5 years working at Cypress Place in Summerville, South Carolina, she shows humility by being willing to help with a positive attitude and everyone’s best interests in mind. 

“You may never know what someone is going through and you just being kind and being a listening ear can go a long way and make a difference,” says Kayonna. “I also believe you should treat others the way you would want to be treated.”

Just recently, she filled in as Chef at her community one day! 

“She gracefully cooked three meals in the kitchen while fulfilling all of her duties as Administrative Coordinator,” says Johanna Hooley, Executive Director at Cypress Place. “Kayonna never complained, always kept her smile and continued to ask what else she could do to help!”

Hector Seise - Maintenance Technician, Bradfield Place, Texas

Hector goes above and beyond working over the past 10 months as a  Maintenance Technician at Bradfield Place in Mesquite, Texas. “Hector is one of our most valuable team members,” says Scott Barrick, Executive Director at Bradfield Place. “Over the last several months, we’ve dealt with facility repair issues, surveys, and inclement weather troubles. Hector has always gone above and beyond himself when taking care of the residents and staff.”

Hector shows humility by always being willing to help his fellow employees and residents with anything they need, 

even staying at the building overnight once to make sure there would be a quick response for any issues. He is a true problem solver and enjoys collaborating with those around him, believing he can learn more from listening than talking.  “A kind word is never far when Hector is near,” says Scott.

Richelle (Chellie) Sewell - Life Enrichment Coordinator, Liberty Place, Washington

As a Life Enrichment Coordinator working for the past 18 months at Liberty Place in Port Orchard, Washington, Chellie embodies humility silently helping where it is not expected. “She can simply overhear a conversation about a need and before you know it, she has taken care of it without saying a word,” says Monica Gliva, Executive Director at Liberty Place. 

Chellie looks for ways she can help thoughtfully and impactfully. Recently, a resident preparing to return from the hospital needed to change rooms to be closer to the front of the building.

Chellie surprised the resident’s daughter by moving all of her mom’s belongings to the new room before they even arrived back from the hospital!

“It is an everyday occurrence for Chellie to silently help where it is not expected,” says Monica.